domingo, 23 de dezembro de 2007

Conselho da Fortune

A revista Fortune fez uma lista das recomendações de ações para 2008 (THE BEST STOCKS FOR 2008, Jon Birger e Katie Benner, 24/12/2007, Volume 156; Issue 13).

Uma das ações recomendadas é a Petrobrás:


We're on record as saying that $95 a barrel is not a sustainable price for oil. Yet The Hottest Fund Manager in America--a.k.a. CGM's Ken Heebner--now has us hedging our bets.

For those unfamiliar with Heebner, understand that his stock picking over the past eight years has been genius (as it has been for much of his 30-year career). He made a bundle short-selling tech and telecom stocks in 2000 He bet big on homebuilders in 2001 only to get out just before they crashed. He plowed his homebuilder profits into energy stocks in 2005 and eventually doubled down on commodities with a big bet on copper. The result: His CGM Focus fund was up 66% through early December--while juicing his returns with short positions on Indymac and Countrywide Financial, mortgage lenders whose stocks have been circling the drain.

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